Photographing Boudoir

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself.  When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.” Zoe Kravits

I love to create sensual, feminine and authentic  boudoir images that celebrate a woman's beauty. 

As every woman has different perceptions of what beauty and sensuality means to her, my boudoir photo shoots are each unique – customised to a client’s vision, combined with my artisty. They aim to bring out a woman’s spirit, her inner and outer beauty as well as promoting feelings of confidence and empowerment.

With a style-conscious approach and attention to detail, I take great pride in planning so that your boudoir photo shoot becomes an unforgettable and unique experience. 

I love helping my clients style a boudoir photo shoot with different looks – with beautiful lingerie, a variety of accessories and a choice of suitable locations, as they all play an essential role in staging and fulfilling her own unique vision.

I particularly like to photograph ‘real’ women, who may have never posed in front of a camera and who often have insecurities about their bodies and their looks, but who have one thing in common – a desire to have beautiful, sensual boudoir images  for themselves or for their partner. 

I offer  two styles of boudoir with two contrasting lighting styles  , a "high key" , luminous and soft  one  with the client been styled not only with pastels and white, light tone  lingerie but also with shirts, cardigans and lace and a "low key"  one , where the emphasis is on seductive, moody, darker light which contours the woman's body allowing certain features to fall into darkness whilst emphasising  others. This style will suit more sexy lingerie in darker or black tones, high heels and stronger make up.  Images in this style  will be deliberately more grainy, often edited in B&W with a film noir feel.  Some clients opt to have a selection of images taken  in  both style whereas other prefer one style over the other. The choice is up to your preference.  Both styles are suitable for bridal boudoir.  The selection of images in my  Boudoir gallery illustrate the two contrasting boudoir styles.  To view the whole photographs click on the individual images. 

It may be that you are a bride who wishes to surprise your husband-to-be with bridal boudoir photos as a romantic gift, or you may want to celebrate an important birthday, a wedding anniversary, re-invent yourself after a divorce, or maybe you’re in need of a confidence boost to recapture your sexiness and sensuality, which has been consumed by motherhood. Regardless of your motivations, I aim for my boudoir sessions to be a fun, transformative experience which will leave you feeling beautiful, confident, sexy and empowered.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

Before the photo shoot, I will create a plan for your boudoir session.

The PRE-SESSION CONSULTATION is key to the success of the photo shoot, for getting to know me and learn more about my approach and style. Ideally, I would like to meet you in person or perhaps via skype.  During the consultation we will discuss your motivations for the shoot, the look, the wardrobe , lingerie options , bridal boudoir lingerie ideas and the style you are attracted to. Your personal comfort is my top priority.

We will also  look at   products you may be  interested in purchasing and where you may  envisage displaying the art work in your home,   once it has been  created.

You will be involved throughout the creative process and together we can create a mood board with ideas and styles for the shoot. I have also created a list of dos and don’ts that will help you to prepare for the photo shoot. This list is comprehensive and will answer all the questions you may have. Also check the FAQ section.

The BOUDOIR PHOTO SHOOT will take place either at your home or at  location of your choice . A selection of boutique hotels are also available, to enhance your experience. The only additional person that will be present during the photo shoot will be my make-up artist, who will stay throughout the shoot to help with hair styling and make-up. Your hair and make-up session is a chance to unwind and it will last approximately 1.5 hours. The talent of a make-up artist lies not only with making you look beautiful but also primed for a photo shoot.  

The ORDERING APPOINTMENT: Within three weeks of the photo shoot, you will be able to preview  your images via a private online gallery. This is when you will finalise your boudoir  presentation products  order and we will be looking at suggested album designs, framed images,  canvases and wall art that  will look best with your décor. To make the decision process easier, I use software that enables me to show you what your images, with the artwork of your choice, will look like in different spaces in your home.

Please refer to BOUDOIR PRICING  for more information and options.