Photographing Babies

I love posing newborns and babies  in a simple, natural and pure  style using soft, natural, window light for classic,  timeless newborn and baby photography.   By photographing your newborn or  baby in the comfort of your home, my photography sessions are relaxed, and geared to work around feeds and changes. Newborns are best photographed between 3-15 days old, so please contact me during your pregnancy to schedule an approximate date.

I will bring with me a variety of wraps, blankets, baskets and cute hats, and I am very happy to use any of your items that will make your photographs personal to you. It is also lovely to involve  older siblings in the newborn or  baby  portraits  - They can be photographed together with your baby  or separately.

With older babies, I work around their routines to make sure that they feel comfortable and happy. Weather permitting, we can plan part of the photo shoot outdoors.

Before the newborn or baby  photo shoot, I will create a plan for the   portrait session. The PRE-SESSION consultation will help me to get to know you and what you would like from the photo shoot. We will discuss what to wear, the location, the look, feel and time of day of the photo shoot, and where you envisage displaying your artwork once we have created it. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have at this stage. The PRE-SESSION consultation can take place in person or on the phone.

The PHOTO SHOOT can take place either in your home or at a location of your choice. I will be able to recommend suitable locations to match your vision.

The ORDERING APPOINTMENT: Within three weeks of the photo shoot, I will show you your fully edited images. This is when you will finalise your portrait order and we will be looking at suggested album designs, framed and unframed prints, canvases and contemporary acrylic mounts that will look best with your décor. To make the decision process easier, I use software that enables me to show you what your images will look like in different spaces in your home, making it easier for you to make a final decision. Your order will be delivered within three to four weeks. Please refer PORTRAIT PRICING to  for more information and options.